important notes for latency tweak in modern pc

11 Oct 2016 16:47 #81556 by taloot
i was testing with rt kernel and jessie and i noticed couple of points that have very good effect.

1. dual channel momery
2. momery voltage tweak (very large impact)
3.enable speedstep or turbo
4. enable usb 3.0 (disable it will give 5.0ns more)
5. reduce the memory of the integrated gpu i use 64mb
6. don't disable audio from bios
7. disable KVM
8, disable and enable LPT from bios and try and choose different irq
this is applied to J1900 asrock latency never pass 4.3ns and 3.9ns for servo thread
also i try H110 asus ddr3 +G4400 and result was better than the j1900 just the motherboard dead from short before i finish tweaking
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06 Jan 2017 14:43 #85341 by aak67
Hi taloot,

thanks a lot :) . I bought the ASUS H110-Plus (with parallel port) an on board graphic with 2x4GB DDR4 Ram and Intel G4400: it works perfekt for me. With the BIOS defaults (except secure boot) i have a max jitter of 21000

The Intel Pentium G4400, 2x 3.30GHz is without hypertheading, but that's better for linuxcnc

I don't test point 2 7 or 8
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