rotary as horizontal axis, how to choose or configure AXIS to view

19 Feb 2017 14:31 #88273 by comjon
My rotary table is bolted to my cross slide; the rotary table turns as a tool would in the Z-axis spindle. This is a common set up and use for a rotary table, similar to the b-Axis movement on a trunnion. What I am looking for is whether LinuxCNC has a ini configuration choice at load time providing this visually? I guess what I am looking for is rotation of the entire plotted tool path when my program executes an A-axis or B-axis G00 command.
19 Feb 2017 14:38 #88274 by comjon
To clarify, if I choose the 9 axis setup, and execute a line such as G00 C180, is it possible to see the entire plot area rotate as opposed to the tool cone only ?
19 Feb 2017 15:03 #88275 by tommylight
If i understood correctly, you should just change the XYZC in the Display section of the ini file to CXYZ.
There are two threads on the forum discusing just that.
Do not change the Geometry entry in the ini file.
22 Feb 2017 16:06 #88501 by comjon
Ok, will take a look, thanks.
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