Servo-thread or base-thread

20 Feb 2017 13:45 #88339 by jensor
I am processing output of the step generator which used the base-thread for the step generation. Now if I am inverting the output of via a "not" component, shouldn't the "not" be hooked to the same base thread so the "not" doesn't introduce additional delay? The steps are being used to drive a stepper motor.
20 Feb 2017 14:29 #88344 by Todd Zuercher
Yes, but you may not need to use a not. Most of Linuxcnc's hardware interface drivers have a built in means of inverting a signal. For example, with the parallel port driver using the pin "" instead of "" would invert the signal sent to pin #1.
20 Feb 2017 15:43 #88354 by jensor
When I try to use "" in place of "" I get an error : pin does not exist.
20 Feb 2017 16:34 #88357 by Todd Zuercher
I'm sorry, I mislead you. is not a pin, it is a parameter, that inverts the parallel port pin. So you would connect to the parallel port pin as normal using the normal names, and to invert the signal you would add the line "setp true" to your hal file.
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