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05 Oct 2010 12:14 #4522 by BigJohnT
Please use this thread for feature requests for pncconf.

06 Oct 2010 00:11 #4529 by cmorley
The latest request was for closed loop stepper configs.
meaning steppers using encoders.
06 Oct 2010 04:26 #4530 by cobra18t
I concur with the request for closed loop stepper configs.

30 Mar 2011 01:53 #8272 by Zig
Hear... hear...

( meaning uncontrolled expressions of rapture and joy at the thought that steppers and encodrs will make a baby)
30 Mar 2011 06:49 #8275 by cmorley
the development version of pncconf allows steppers with encoders. Not that I can test the feature.(I have no steppers with encoders)
I'm just not sure if the newest pncconf will make it into EMC 2.5, I am behind in stabilizing it....
30 Mar 2011 07:55 #8278 by Zig

I would be happy to set up my machine to try out the stepper with encoders combination.

I am using CNCteknix servo amps which run with step /direction inputs and the encoder is connected directly into the servo amps. In essence the servo amps are a PID controller which drives a BLDC motor.

I would need to design an interface card which would live between a mesa 5i20 card and the three servo amps.

The servo amps have the following 10 pin interface

Pin Label Description
1 RX Input – Serial (5V logic) RX connection for the tuning software.
2 TX Output - Serial (5V logic) TX connection for the tuning software.
3 STEP Input – The rising edge of the step input commands a single encoder step rotation in the direction selected by DIR.
4 DIR Input – A logic high selects a clockwise step and logic low a counter clockwise step.
5 ChA Output – Re-transmission of the encoder Channel A signal to the controller.
6 ENABLE Input – Logic high enables the driver to control the servo motor. Logic low stops all output to the servo motor.
7 ChB Output – Re-transmission of the encoder Channel B signal to the controller.
8 RUN Output – Logic high output indicating the drive is running correctly. If the drive is ENABLE and an error occurs the RUN output will indicate logic low.
9/10 GND Logic ground connection.

I would need to know which connectors on the mesa come into play ( I think this info will be availble in the output from the pncconf utility)in order to design the card.

Additionally the encoders generate homing index pulses the Index pulse is one quadrature resolution wide in duration.

The index pulses are available to me in differential mode so the interface card will also carry receiver electronics along with pulse stretchers to allow correct homing sequence.

Chris, rather than waiting for 2.5 to come out etc if You generate the files, I can then get on with the hardware and trials.

For me this means a quick changeover from working configuration to an experimental one and vice versa.
30 Mar 2011 11:29 #8280 by andypugh
Zig wrote:

I would need to design an interface card which would live between a mesa 5i20 card and the three servo amps.

You might be able to point-to-point wire. I am currently hooking-up my Mesa card to with these connectors as they give a lot more flexibility in what signals go where than the ribbon connectors:
They fit nicely side-by-side in the Mesa headers.
30 Mar 2011 21:37 #8304 by Zig

Not a bad suggestion.

I do however make PCBs I hope for living ( ) so its not much of an impost.
31 Mar 2011 04:54 - 31 Mar 2011 05:00 #8306 by cmorley
Hey Zig.

i could make a sample config.
I need some info though.
i need to know the stepper and encoder scaling.
If you know the scaling great other wise can you give me as much info
in the axis scale screen shot as you can / appropriate.
And how do you control your spindle.
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31 Mar 2011 04:58 #8307 by cmorley
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