EMIS SMC 800/1500 support

12 Apr 2014 03:27 #45866 by rene-dev
I hacked a driver for my SMC 1500 card.
currently supports one card only, fullstep only, and I dont know if it breaks hal_parport on another port.
I will implement halfstep, shutdown and current control some time in the future.
To connect a stepgen:
loadrt stepgen step_type=2,2,2
net xphase-A stepgen.0.phase-A => smc.0.xphase-0
net xphase-B stepgen.0.phase-B => smc.0.xphase-1
net yphase-A stepgen.1.phase-A => smc.0.yphase-0
net yphase-B stepgen.1.phase-B => smc.0.yphase-1
net zphase-A stepgen.2.phase-A => smc.0.zphase-0
net zphase-B stepgen.2.phase-B => smc.0.zphase-1
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09 May 2014 20:00 #46756 by chrissbr
Thanks a lot for this program.

I tested on an SMC800, and my first test was successful.

Just one comment for those who want to do some tests as well: the parallel port is hardcoded in the program ( on my computer the parallel port as the following address : 0x3BC) after I changed it it worked perfectly.

10 May 2014 13:30 #46785 by rene-dev
It is, I will change this to a Parameter. Halfstep is Already sort of working, I upload it when it's done.

13 May 2014 06:41 #46854 by andypugh
You might want to add this to the Wiki "Contributed components" page:

There is a link to instructions to get edit access to the Wiki at the bottom. "Chips" the penguin might help you.

If you think that this component is widely useful then you could ask for it to be included as a standard component.
27 Jan 2015 02:21 #55359 by CNCMan2015

rene-dev wrote: I hacked a driver for my SMC 1500 card.

Will this work with an SMC800 without the extension board (ok, this is only for SMC1500) ?

Im new here and i don't try LinuxCNC, because this card will not work.
But now i read this and im relay interested.
If my bad SMC800 work with it, im want to try it.
At the moment i have disassembled my CNC but in 1/2 year i hope i have the time to work again with it.

Many Thanks !
27 Jan 2015 02:36 #55360 by andypugh

CNCMan2015 wrote: Will this work with an SMC800 without the extension board (ok, this is only for SMC1500) ?

The second post suggests that it works with the SMC800
27 Jan 2015 04:27 #55367 by rene-dev
works for 800 or 1500. without extension board. If you have problems with the HAL setup, I can give you a complete example.

27 Jan 2016 00:47 #69140 by Aiviator

I'm trying to sort this thing out as well : I have an MF70 converted to CNC using an SMC800 stepper motor card.

I'm very new to this whole CNC thing, so I'm trying to learn as I go.

What I did upto the point of me writing this is :
1. Compiled the smc.comp
halcompile --install smc.comp

2. run HAL by using the runhal command

3. Typed in everything that was posted in the OP.

4. Issued the save command

5. ???

What's next? Do I need to use the Stepconf Wizard?
29 Jan 2016 17:36 #69242 by FlyingJack
Hi all and happy that I check out Forum too ...
That nice pice of hardware I found too ... and its still not under ContributedComponents :whistle:
but hey there is a cheaper EMIS Board too the EMIS SMC-TR-1000 and second the USB-iSMIF ... for SMC 800 and SMC 1500 too

sorry I just started with that

www.emisgmbh.de The German homepage ...
the SMC1500z must be used on the SMC 1500 if the user will send direction and frequents data to it the SMC-TR-1000 can that out of the box ... the SMC 800 can do only over software - direction I don't know I am not a pro (sorry)
11 Feb 2016 18:20 - 11 Feb 2016 18:24 #70004 by rene-dev
I just put together a example config, as people seem to have issues getting this to work.
It includes a readme, and I added a TODO section to the driver.
Please let me know if it works for you, and what linuxcnc version you used.

Last Edit: 11 Feb 2016 18:24 by rene-dev.
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