Offline on forum, but i can post !!!!

04 Aug 2016 23:46 - 29 Aug 2016 01:34 #78373 by tommylight
Something fishy with the forum today, as i made several posts and read way more of them, it keeps showing me as offline, but i can reply to posts all the time without issues!!!
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28 Aug 2016 23:46 #79629 by tommylight
Andy, or others, have a look and tell me if i am online or not, it keeps showing me offline, although i can post without issues, some posts by others keep escaping me, as i do a refresh on "recent topics" from time to time.
Thank you.
29 Aug 2016 19:34 #79684 by andypugh
Yes, it shows you as offline. It shows me as offline too.
I don't have much to do with the underlying mechanics of the forum, and have been choosing to ignore it :-)
29 Aug 2016 20:23 #79692 by tommylight
I see you as online right now!!
Moving move some heavy metal parts !!!! :laugh:
29 Aug 2016 20:33 #79693 by andypugh

tommylight wrote: I see you as online right now!!

I logged out and in again. Then refreshed the screen.
29 Aug 2016 20:50 #79694 by tommylight
Oh i did that several times, it shows me online for all of 5 minutes and then back to OFF!
Thank you, anyway it does not cause any problem except sometimes not seeing new posts by others.
Back to drilling some holes on those metal parts.
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