Forgot password to my original account.

28 Dec 2016 05:33 #84787 by tml1
As the title says it I have forgotten the password to my old account. I had already filled out the Lost Password page a few times to get help with resetting my password but I never received any email. I have a hotmail account and was able to receive all email notifications after the initial sign up. I'm not sure why it would get blocked now if that's the case. Could someone here please point me to where I can get further help? I had to create a separate new account just to post this question lol
28 Dec 2016 09:46 #84795 by andypugh
If you send me your original user-name I will see if I can find you on the system. Then I can give you a temporary password and send it to you privately.
29 Dec 2016 00:51 #84827 by tml1
Hi andypugh,
My original user-name is tml
Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks in advance.

- Tim
07 Jan 2017 13:24 #85403 by BigJohnT
Did Andy reset your password?

07 Jan 2017 15:17 #85410 by tml1
Hi John,
Yes my password has been reset. Thanks all!
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