My first CNC - begged and borrowed all the way.

23 Sep 2016 07:46 #80823 by JammyJulien
Hello all,

I browsed through the "Show Your Stuff" section and realised my machine is pretty small fry compared to some of your creations ! I am in awe!

However, somewhat humbled, I though I'd share my progress so far anyway. This project has cost me under £100 so far. I've managed to get the steppers from salvage - it's using 8mm lead screws. I 3D printed mounts and other parts as required.

Next step is to get the wiring / end stops etc done - thanks to BigJohnT for the support getting LinuxCNC installed.

I have no idea how capable it will be - but if it cuts wood and not my fingers it'll be a good start.
23 Sep 2016 10:53 #80825 by tommylight
Nice for starters, for sure. When you see it moving, that is very satisfying and rewarding.
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23 Sep 2016 10:57 #80827 by JammyJulien
Thanks for the encouragement Tom !
23 Sep 2016 11:48 #80828 by tommylight
You are welcomed, always.
23 Sep 2016 23:12 - 23 Sep 2016 23:14 #80842 by BigJohnT
You're machine is looking good! Don't matter the size, just that you make it work for you. When you design the limit/home switches make them so you can't crash them.

My home made plasma in it's early stages. Notice the support structure (saw horses) lol.

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26 Sep 2016 06:53 #80920 by JammyJulien
Thanks John,

My machine looks like its made of Lego compared to yours ! But hey - it's my first attempt - if this works I going to slowly build something bigger and more capable.

What did you mean about the limit switches ? I haven't got there yet - I was just going to print a holder for micro switches which will bolt onto the extrusion. Is there something I should watch out for ?


26 Sep 2016 23:35 #80963 by BigJohnT
You want the limit switch design so you can't crash into them but rather pass over them if things mess up.

27 Sep 2016 06:31 #80969 by JammyJulien
Gotcha - thanks again John.
01 Oct 2016 17:49 #81130 by dennis.lewis5
I think you have a great project going there. I have been in the build process for several years now. I had a test run yesterday and it got through that phase.

Just keep at it. There is a lot to learn in the whole process.

Good Luck.
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12 Oct 2016 07:26 #81570 by janriis

I am completely new to this forum. Your build looks great. Any chance you might share drawings and parts lists ?
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