SOLVED: input 13 pin to pause current operation

10 Apr 2011 07:56 - 10 Apr 2011 11:57 #8730 by JohnoInc
Probotix FireBall V90

EMC 2.3.3

Hi all.
What i am trying to do is, using a estop switch not to stop the operation as a normal estop. but, trying to get it to just PAUSE the current operation.

the reason is that by pausing the operation when i unpause it will start form the line i paused it at instead of starting at line 1, which is what estop makes it do.

How to: i intend to connect the switch to pin 13 on the parallel port. i haven't worked it out and can't find any instructions in the forum or other forums....

PROCESS: pushing a momentary switch will change value on pin 13 of the break out board instructing the computer to pause operation, exactly like if you push the "P" key on your keyboard

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10 Apr 2011 12:00 #8740 by JohnoInc
Thanx mate. solved everything i needed for that function. little over my head, so doing more reading from the links you provided to learn. thank you again for fast reply mate

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