EMC 2.4.7 Maintence Release

16 Oct 2011 17:18 #13952 by BigJohnT
This is a copy of Jeff's letter to the mailing list about the release of 2.4.7.

Enhanced Machine Controller 2.4.7 has been released. Debian packages
are availble from the regular package servers. A source tarball is
available at

Due to a mistake during packaging, this version will still identify
itself as version 2.4.6 in the splash screen and about dialog. To
verify the version of that you have installed, open a terminal window
and type:
dpkg -l emc2
dpkg -l emc2-sim
depending on whether you have installed the realtime or simulator-only
version of the software. The output should say something like this:
ii emc2 1:2.4.7 PC based motion controller for real-time Lin

Because of a problem with the virtual machine used to build the 64-bit
hardy (ubuntu 8.04) packages, version 2.4.7 is unavailable for that
system at this time. All packages for lucid are available, as are
packages for 32-bit hardy.

The following changes and bugfixes have been made since the last

* axis: fix problem removing a single notification
* axis: fix jog after ctrl-alt-left or -right in mdi

* classicladder: fix a problem when more than 8 modbus inputs are read
* classicladder: fix possible crashes

* comp: fix a problem with 'option userinit yes"

* emcrsh: minor bugfixes

* halcmd: fix a possible crash
* halrmt: fix a possible crash
* halmeter: fix a possible crash

* hal_input: add names for new input events

* hal_motenc: set outputs to 0 on exit

* interpreter: fix spurious cutter comp error with tiny arcs in metric
* interpreter: fix G10 L2 on the active coordinate system
* interpreter: disallow changing coordinate system with cutter comp on
* interpreter: fix incorrect handling of do-break-while (SF#3420655)

* motion: fix spurious reversal in CSS mode with M4 and X=0
* motion: fix a problem with probing (SF#3040806)

* pncconf: fix nameless 'addf' in HAL file
* pncconf: changes spaces in configuration names to underscores
* pncconf: fixes for 3i28 and 7i43-4 boards
* pncconf: fix scale calculation
* pncconf: fix scaled spindle speed display

* stepconf: changes spaces in configuration names to underscores
* stepconf: fix for spindle PWM on pin 17
* stepconf: fix name of "Z Both Limit + Home" pin
* stepconf: fix scaled spindle speed display
* stepconf: advice about how to use on an 800x600 display

* thc: correctly remove offset after compensation disabled

* documentation: various improvements

* configs/smithy: various updates
* configs/gantry: simulated XYYZ gantry configuration

Thanks to the dozen or so developers who have contributed fixes and
improvements to this version.


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19 Oct 2011 17:57 #14062 by BigJohnT
I'm not sure what changed but on my plasma when I upgraded to 2.4.7 something changed the input.0.btn-trigger to input.0.btn-joystick...


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23 Oct 2011 13:18 #14134 by BigJohnT
Also note that due to an omission at the release of 2.4.7 it will still display 2.4.6 when you run EMC2. If you go to the Synaptic Package Manager and search for emc you should see 1:2.4.7 as the version.


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