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29 Feb 2012 15:25 #18207 by cwebs
LinuxCNC Linux was created by cwebs
Sense so many questions are really about Linux, Should we have a new subject to that effect? Called "LinuxCNC Linux" . I know lots of my questions were more Linux problems then CNC. Just a thought, Carl

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29 Feb 2012 18:05 #18213 by ArcEye
Replied by ArcEye on topic Re:LinuxCNC Linux

It is a possibility, but I think it might not work as well as you would think.

The problem is that at an early stage, especially if new to Linux, the people posting do not actually know what the problem is.

They have a symptomatic error but complete lack of knowledge regards LinuxCNC AND Linux lends them to point the blame towards LinuxCNC, as that is the only reason they are running Linux and they tend to see it as one and the same.

Only later along the rutted path to enlightenment, do they pick up enough knowledge to start to differentiate between Linux system errors, errors peculiar to axis etc etc.

You will have noted how widespread posts on the same sort of problem are across different sections of the Forum, this is largely because the author does not have enough knowledge of the potential root of the problem to target it and raises it wherever seems best.

John has done good work to explain basic terminal commands etc. in the Getting Started Manual, there may be scope for some FAQs along these lines on the forum, without removing the ultimate responsibility on the user to google it, its all out there!


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