New Q&A community on Stack Exchange for CNCs

24 Jul 2017 14:33 - 25 Jul 2017 11:46 #96349 by Escain
Hello :-)

We are starting a Stack-exchange community for "Fabrication", including CNC. If you are interested, read further.

What is it?

Stack Exchange is a platform for Question&Answers (Q&A) already existing for many topics. A community related with fabrication would be very beneficial for many of us. This community is expected to cover the broad topic of "Fabrication", including CNC milling machines, CNC lathe, 3D printers, welding, molding, etc..


A Q&A platform is not a forum (and is not intended to be one), it is a single and cohesive set of Questions&Answers built by the community, a way to help each other, and to keep this knowledge over time.

Having a strong community around the subject could help to:
  • Advertise the LinuxCNC community (even more).
  • Answer repetitive questions done by each new user.
  • Share expertise for advanced users.
  • Meet and share with other communities of related topics.
  • ...

How does it work?

At the moment, the community is at the earliest stage. It will goes through seveal stages until is can be considered a mature and useful platform. The exact process is described here:

It consists of several steps:
  1. Concepts and coverage of the community is defined by all of us! The purpose is to arrive to 60 members and 40 example of questions (10 of score).
  2. After the creation of the site is requested, we will have a page like: And the beta will start.
  3. The community will remain in beta until it get a minimum critial mass.

If I am interested, how could I participate:

Go to
Register or login, and "follow" the proposal
Add examples of questions and vote positively those that you prefer.
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