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06 May 2009 01:35 #213

Ok, I'm setting up a new little test system and have acquired and Atom board, Intel D945GCLF.
After several hours of frustrations, I finally found the problem.
There is a known bug in Ubuntu 8.04 for the processor.
See Ubuntu bug 239602 and Ubuntu forum 869967.
See also

I found a copy of 8.04.2 and it installed fine.
Did the and of course, since it's not the right kernal, per the Intel, it does not work.

Any chance of a new live CD build or to handle 8.04.1 or 8.04.2 or .n>0 ???



Read the intel doc closely. Disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS and everything loads correctly. Of course you may need another NIC of some sort.

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01 Nov 2009 06:02 #1065

This is a shame, I just bought a board which uses this chipset and then found that it won't work. I can't disable the on-board network port as I need it to be able to remote control the machine - I really wanted to switch from Mach 3 as Ubuntu 9.10 runs a lot better on this Intel Atom than Windows Server 2003 does.

Does anybody know when the next version of EMC2 will be pre-compiled for a new kernal ? I noticed in a different thread that it would be possible to re-compile it for Ubuntu 9.10, does anybody have either a pre-compiled version that they have made for 9.10 or detailed step-by-step instructions about how to compiled EMC2 for 9.10 ? (By step-by-step I mean everything that a novice would require.)


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09 Nov 2009 23:10 #1100

Wow, I was ready to buy this exact board tonight, I am glad I saw this post

Any other Atom-based boards having this issue?

Kind of sucks...

10 Nov 2009 01:46 #1101

I believe the dual core is ok. do a search here and in the emails.
otherwise, you can disable the nic in the bios and add a usb nic. this is what i did.

10 Nov 2009 02:18 #1102

I believe the dual core is ok. do a search here and in the emails.

Do you mean Atom 330 dual core?

Kind of would like to have a network...

04 Dec 2009 00:26 #1248

Just let you know D945GCLF2D (Atom 330 Dual Core) install went without any problems with network card enabled

04 Dec 2009 00:45 #1249

That's strange, I wonder what could be causing the problems for us.

04 Dec 2009 01:02 #1250

I beleive D945GCLF2 has differnt network hardware that does not have driver issue
In any case I got it going

I am not sure how can I enable all cores - I see 4 cores in Windows Vista but only one in Ubintu
Any ideas?

04 Dec 2009 01:14 #1252

I'm not too good with Linux but keep in mind that two of the cores are only virtual and Ubuntu may only show physical cores. It may only show load per CPU rather than per core so double check that you are actually looking at the number of cores and not just an overall CPU graph or something.

06 Dec 2009 19:11 #1260

I was able to enable SMP support for Atom 330 without any problems

Instructions for EMC 2.3.0 are here:

For ver 2.3.4 I put instructions here:,com_ku...d,1251/lang,english/

Simple enough for linux newbies, as long as you know how to open terminal ;)

I never used linux before and was able to get it running in couple hours

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