7i77 analog + parallel port Stepgen

09 Mar 2017 20:28 #89284 by HalaszAttila

i have 3 axis milling machine, retrofitted with Linuxcnc + 5i25 + 7i77, with analog servo drives.
Now i want to add separated rotary table. But the table is with stepper motor. Can I add to system one parallel port Step/Dir card, to control the rotary table?
Know Linuxcnc to control analog +/-10V servos together with stepper motor?
09 Mar 2017 20:57 #89290 by tommylight
Yes and yes, easily. Just need to add the respective values in hal and ini and add loadrt and addf for parallel port in hal.
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09 Mar 2017 21:52 #89297 by PCW
You can also use the second 5I25 connector and a simple breakout to get hardware stepgens
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