Spindle Direction control with the Spinx1

10 Mar 2017 23:29 - 11 Mar 2017 12:44 #89383 by comjon
Would like to add direction control to my Spinx1. If I am correct, I need to wire in Pins 9 and 10 to parallel port pins set to output.

My mill has a Minarik 32001A as part of voltage regulation. The rheostat has been removed from the original LightMachine rig, which had only CW turn. I am guessing I am going to need to do some modification to the Minarik wiring.
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22 Mar 2017 12:55 #90068 by comjon
Yes, Google is my friend too (on most days) :)

Many of the results returned from Google are my prior LinuxCNC entries.

IANAEE nor even close to an electrical technologies guy. If I smoke either my Minarik 23001 or Spinx1, it's a major bummer to replace, given the age of the Minarik board.

There are a lot of these machines kicking around to be put to good use, and I posted both my hal and ini files for the Spinx1 to Minarik for others to use. The tech center up the road has two of these rigs, sitting idle.

I know this is not a glamorous topic for this forum when compared to a mammoth gantry retro or a exotic topics like path pilot. The technical training center where I live teaches Mastercam and Haas, and my argument with facility Director centers on what students are to do when they finish their certificate or degree, take a job in an area other than CNC to pay their bills or end up in a shop with different technology. LinuxCNC, FreeCAD and a Sherline Spectralight offer an inexpensive, in depth, fundamental CNC learning experience with GCode, HalTcl, (Python anyone?) at pennies on the dollar compared to a Mastercam seat license.

The region in which I live is struggling to find talent, and the pipeline for PLC and manufacturing programmers is constricted by a combination of lack of existing (although slowly improving) education infrastructure and <rant> the banking mentality oozing it's disgusting slimy fingers to the outward semi-rural regions as their gift of consumerism to the unwashed masses</end rant>

I have this crazy idea to make training more accessible to students, helping build local talent.

Any comments and shared knowledge on this topic are welcome.
22 Mar 2017 15:01 #90073 by tommylight
Sounds like you live in my country! Where are you?
I am in Kosovo, strugle with plenty of problems on daily basis.
25 Mar 2017 09:41 #90241 by comjon
The U.S.

My wife was in Kosovo a few years back when the flooding unearthed all those mines. Said she was entranced by the beauty of the country.

I was thrilled to learn this week of the release of the BeagleBone Blue. Another step towards open source independence.

I am breaking apart my mill to fix the y axis. Will get back on this topic later.

Take care.
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