Joystick Jogging for Master pre 2.8

16 Mar 2017 15:03 #89745 by dab77
Hi, it's been a long time since my last post..
However, I'm trying to migrate my old delta machine (to be precise it's a tetrapod..) to LCNC 2.8, and I had 3 days of codings and changing...
Now I'm in the situation of Joystick-jogging the singular joints, but I realized I cannot jog anymore using a joystick in world mode.
I Cannot find the relative pins.
in Joint mode I connect joystick axis to halui.joint.N.analog.
Which is the correct way to jog also in world mode?

Thanks, Davide.
17 Mar 2017 09:43 #89808 by dab77
Hi, and thank you for answering.
Unfortunately I already found this pin:
halui.axis.L.analog float in
pin for jogging the axis L using an float value (e.g. joystick). The value, typically set between 0.0 and +/-1.0, is used as a jog-speed multiplier.
but It doesn't work. In the HAL Meter I can see value changing while moving the joystick, but the machine doesn't move.
While, when I plug the same signal to halui.joint.N.analog I can jog my joints.
17 Mar 2017 09:50 #89811 by andypugh
You may need to be in World Mode to jog axes.
Is the halui.axis.L.jog-enable pin being set to true?
17 Mar 2017 09:57 #89812 by dab77
I've solved! I'm sorry I asked such a silly question, which had such a simple solution...
I realized there's a new pin. (I was stick to JA3..)
Now there's difference between halui.joint.jog-speed and halui.axis.jog-speed.

Sorry and thanks again!
Now I have other troubles with Gladevcp and Vismach, but I have to clarify the bases first.
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