A Haas MiniMill like Configuration

16 Dec 2016 01:19 #84237 by andypugh

FDP wrote: Can you elaborate on what kinds of tweaks you do regularly on a machine that can't be done in CAM?.

There is an example here: bodgesoc.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/cams.html

160 lines of G-code to make a 7-row, 10-position cam.

If I want different rows or positions, or (especially) a different cam pattern, I just need to tweak a couple of parameters at the top, and run the same code again.

This is a _lot_ less trouble than re-modelling the cam in CAD to run the CAM again. And, in this case, the cam pattern is much clearer to see as 0 and 1 in the G-code than in a 3D model.
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17 Dec 2016 23:56 #84347 by FDP
Awesome! I will check this out!
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