Registers where the output values are stored

12 Jan 2017 02:56 #85647 by monkey_biz

I was just wondering where in memory (the specific register values) that store the output of the application. Are these registers accessible to the user to determine the output values? I am doing SPI as opposed to parallel so reading the registers directly would be easiest for me to do.

18 Jan 2017 12:18 #86046 by andypugh
I don't think that this question even makes sense, sorry.

I think that all the data that you want to use is available in HAL, which is a shared-memory location, but the addresses are not fixed.

You would need to write a HAL driver which receives values on HAL pins and then sends the data to your SPI device.
(This is probably easier than it sounds).
19 Jan 2017 02:19 #86118 by monkey_biz
Yes perfect! I apologize for the lack of right terms. Thats is exactly what I need!
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