Anyone tried the Intel N3150 CPU (Atom 4 core)

31 Jan 2017 16:09 #87071 by Moronicsmurf
I'm tinkering with micro boards and after i burned out the lattepanda card i had completely i started to reconsider other cpu's and put my eyes on this N3150 that is close resemblence to a J1900 Celeron.

The N3150 can be found in a dual LAN, NUC configuration that would make it suitable for running a 7i76E card if the cpu can maintain a proper servo thread with not to much latency.. Making it a really neat package to enclose.
31 Jan 2017 19:02 #87089 by rodw
I've played with Gigabyte Brix PC's with both J1900 and N3160 (an update from the N3150). There was not much difference in latency which remains pretty terrible but quite satisfactory for running a Mesa Ethernet card (I'm using the 7i76e). I did see that PCW mentioned on one thread that the latency on a Zotec N3150 he played with was OK at about 120usec of latency.

I could not readilly find a dual NIC USFF in Australia. If I built another one, I'd buy a dual NIC J1900 or similar as I've since found Alibaba seems to be awash with them
31 Jan 2017 19:03 #87090 by rodw
I forgot to mention, if you attempt to use the onboard wifi, latency renders them unusable....
01 Feb 2017 12:20 #87121 by Moronicsmurf
Thanks!.. So i went and bought a compact J1900 computer as you said alibaba was flooded with them, and i found this.
Dual lan, with wifi and 8gb ram 128gb of disk, in a "NUC" kind of format.. And i plan to run it with a 7i76E card as well. Will review it later when it arrives. =)

02 Feb 2017 10:21 #87146 by rodw
If you could share a link to the one you ordered it would be great! This looks remarkably similar to a LCNC package sold commercially I saw recently. I can't remember who though. Might have been Torchmate.

I just spent the last 2 days wiring in a network in our workshop and am still not finished! Dual NIC's sounds great!
27 Feb 2017 18:55 #88696 by newbynobi
Yes! Please share the link, as I am searching also for a suited computer for my Mill.
My Notebook does suffer a lot with all the dirt :-(

27 Feb 2017 20:46 #88709 by rodw
Norbert, I have not bought one of these, but this supplier on alibaba was proactive and followed me up after I looked at their listings.

They quoted me USD $100 for a dual nic J1900 plus shipping and another $5 for the N3160 plus shipping.

It looks remarkably similar to the one CandCNC are packaging with CommandCNC
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