Volenteers to help me put together my 3axis mill

03 Mar 2017 03:29 #88912 by MAG45
I have a ShopTask Eldorado that was set up by a friend with LinuxCNC years ago. I has since gotten unreliable and its a wiring nightmare. Rather then track down the problem I want to take it all apart and start over. I got a new BOB as the one in there is suspect to have issues.I originally planned to just swap the BOB but the pinouts of the two dont seem to be just a wire by wire swap. And trying to figure it out is when i saw all the other issues.

I am looking for someone who can help walk me through redoing this machine so i can learn and understand what everything does.
03 Mar 2017 07:15 #88916 by MacGalempsy
Welcome to the club. Reading the manuals is the best way to get started. You may also start a build log where others with the same machine can add lib when needed.
Good luck!
03 Mar 2017 14:40 #88927 by MAG45
I have had little luck finding any manuals on basic wiring an building the system. Do you have any links?
03 Mar 2017 14:58 #88932 by tommylight
First get all the make and models of the electeonics, motors, ball screws or pulleys or gear ratio, computer and version of linuxcnc installed etc etc.
We need more info.
Manufacturer data change all the time, and they do not share to much info about the machines.
05 Mar 2017 06:50 #89025 by MacGalempsy
Agreed. My first project led to lots of photos of various existing connections with systematic labeling. Also, listing each component and downloading manufacturer spec sheets helped with pinouts on motors, drivers, encoders, etc... For older parts, many were found using TheWayBackMachine. In all, being the first time (literally zero experience) taking on such an endevor, it was a few months to get a good handle on things.
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