Dell Optiplex 580 and LinuxCNC - viable?

09 Sep 2017 22:28 #98748 by Joco
Joco created the topic: Dell Optiplex 580 and LinuxCNC - viable?
I have been gifted an Optiplex 580 SFF. Key internals are:
CPU: Athlon II X2 B26 @ 3.2Ghz

On board ATI RS880 (Radeon HD 4200)

Has anyone used one of these machines on LinuxCNC before with success?

If so any advice on how to configure them? I have been fighting with this for a few days now and do not seem to be able to remove or track down latency spikes that push the latency test into the 900k mark. Looking at the latency plot these spikes are very clear and happen anywhere from every 60 to 90 seconds.

Thanks for any available wisdom/advice,
10 Sep 2017 09:57 #98762 by Joco
Joco replied the topic: Dell Optiplex 580 and LinuxCNC - viable?
Here is a little more information that might help trigger an idea with someone who has "been there done that". B)

Here is a sample latency-plot. This pattern is pretty typical of what I have been getting with all the various parameter tweaking done to date. I have tried the most of the boot params that are talked about (cpu isolation, nohalt, poll etc) as well as stopping all power saving/management including on the inbuilt video. I have also turned off all the non essential onboard devices. I have not yet tried a PCI-e video card, mainly as i need a half height unit to fit and the only spare I have is a monster power hungry HD5850. Heck I don't have anything light weight enough to fit into this so would be looking at buying something specific for an experiment.

I thought I would dump in an lspci just in case it is of use.

16 Sep 2017 02:53 #99019 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: Dell Optiplex 580 and LinuxCNC - viable?
This _might_ be the SMI thing.

That's not particularly up to date. If it says "compile" anything, then you are reading the wrong part of the instructions.
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