Update/reload preview after touch off using pendant?

13 Jan 2017 18:50 #85711 by lagore
I have a pendant that I use to perform a touch off the work piece using a G10 L20 but I would like the preview to update to reflect this the same as would happen when using the touch off button on the GUI. There had been a discussion over a year ago ( forum.linuxcnc.org/21-axis/29552-reload-...through-pin?start=20 ) but this was using the reload function which did not seem to work successfully. I am using the latest version of 2.6 . Does the touch off button on axis just update the preview or reload the program?
24 Jan 2017 17:25 #86574 by Stunning_Rob
I have noticed some 'lack-of-the-preview-screen-updating' in my time with LinuxCnC. To that extent I will look into this problem in the coming weeks, to see if I can determine a solution. In the meantime I'll follow this thread in case of any updates!
06 Feb 2017 21:52 #87422 by Delron
I will also monitor this thread in hopes of a real solution sometime.
Seems like it should be simple, but either I'm terribly wrong, or there is simply little interest from those involved.
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