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25 Jan 2017 23:11 #86659 by russkinch
Hi. Sorry if this has been asked a million times but I have spent the last hour trying to search for an answer without asking....with no luck. I have just built my machine. All good. Love Linuxcnc. However, I can run the sim axis ngcgui. All good. I can run stepconf, save config, go back into it, make motors move etc. That's all good. But how on earth do a make axis ngcgui with my sub routines actually work the machine. Stepconf creates a new config but its a basic setup with no sub routine. My ngcgui has sub routines, runs perfect on screen, but does not move the motors as it seems to be in sim mode. Please help. If this has been asked before, please post link as I have searched but found nothing. Thanks again.
25 Jan 2017 23:56 #86666 by tommylight
There are two ways of doing it and both require editing hal and ini files.
You can use your config and edit it to add ngcgui, or you can use the sim config and edit it to not use simulation and to have the setings for your machine.
First is much simpler.
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26 Jan 2017 21:00 #86735 by russkinch
Thanks for pointing me in right direction. I edited my INI file and it all works great. Thanks again!!!
26 Jan 2017 21:08 #86737 by tommylight
You are welcomed, always.
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