Single Block with Axis User Interface?

11 Feb 2017 12:46 #87811 by yeltrow
I have heard that the "single block" capability that exists in gmocapy is very useful and a machinist friend of mine recommended implementing it. Before I cut a button hole into my new panel, can I do that with the AxisUI, too. I couldn't find anything like that on any of the pins I saw.
11 Feb 2017 13:22 #87814 by BigJohnT
If you mean execute next line the Right Arrow looking button in Axis does that.

11 Feb 2017 19:44 #87837 by cmorley
if your control panel doesn't imitate keyboard strokes (so AXIS thinks you pressed the Right Arrow key),
you could use halui to do single-block toggling.
IIRC one annoyance is one has to be 'paused' before single block (with halui) works - it wont pause a running program.
There are ways around that to. (hmm maybe we should fix that it sounds like a bug)

Chris M
11 Feb 2017 19:49 #87838 by cmorley
I'll also mention that 'single block' is a bit of a lie in linuxcnc.
There are many blocks that are run together before the next step.
IIRC Ocode subroutines are considered 'one single block' and I think mcodes are not considered single blocks.

But in basic gcode programs all axis movement lines will run one at a time.
Just so you are prepared :)

Chris M
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