Program line issue

20 Feb 2017 09:40 #88330 by stefoka
When using the AXIS interface, i have an issue with the box that shows the current program line on which the machine is situated. It uses an orange like background to show the current position but when it goes further on the program i have to scroll down to see the position. Sometimes it scrolls down automaticly to the current position and follows it, but most times it doesnt not. Could somebody tell me how to solve this? Thank you in advance
21 Feb 2017 06:49 #88420 by tommylight
When you stop a running program doea it stop on the actual line it was on?
I never noticed that kind of behaviour, so i do not know how to solve it.
Did you by any chance edit the ini file?
There are several values named cycle_time for updating stuff on the screen with values of 0.010 or 0.100, and they should not be changed.
22 Feb 2017 07:19 #88486 by stefoka
I havent changed a single thing in the .ini file. When i start the machine everything is normal it scrolls down automatically to the current line of the program. But in some time, it shows the line on which the program is, but the dialog box stops scrolling down and it stays on the first line of the program and if you want to see the current line of the program you have to scroll down manually.
22 Feb 2017 12:44 #88495 by tommylight
Grab the drawing on the Axis screen and shake it around, if you get choppy movemnt, you should try software rendering, as explained in the wiki.
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