Spindle CCW button shows up - despite not connected

26 Feb 2017 13:07 - 26 Feb 2017 13:08 #88629 by DavidJ
I'm setting up LinuxCNC 2.7.8 to run my CNC mill.

AXIS documentation suggests that the UI buttons should auto-configure; and indeed I don't have spindle brake items displayed. Despite only defining 'spindle on' using stepconf (I also tried using spindle forward as an alternative), I'm getting a 'spindle ccw' button displayed.

I've checked the HAL files carefully and can't see any pins connected that would explain this behaviour. Is this a known issue, or am I missing something basic in my setup?

Any hints appreciated. Go easy though, I have very limited knowledge of Linux.
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27 Feb 2017 14:29 - 27 Feb 2017 14:34 #88665 by BigJohnT
Even if the pin is not connected if it is in a net the control will show up. I use this behavior to get the CCW button on my lathe.

You can test this behavior by adding a line in your hal file like this:
net fake-brake motion.spindle-brake

and after adding that you will get the brake checkbox.

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27 Feb 2017 14:41 #88668 by DavidJ
Yep - that's what I understood.

My problem is that there isn't a net command anywhere I can find that includes either spindle direction, so I can't see why the CCW button is available (my mill only runs in one direction, there is no reverse facility).

I mentioned that brake isn't showing (and isn't required) to indicate that I understand about how this is supposed to work - sorry if I ended up confusing what my question was about.

Does the auto-configure for axis happen every time Linuxcnc is launched - or could there be something hanging over from when I connected spindle CW to the parport rather than spindle ON ?
27 Feb 2017 15:05 #88669 by BigJohnT
IIRC if you have motion.spindle anything you get the CW not sure about the CCW button but don't have time to test it's of to work for me.

Yes the auto-configure runs at start up.

27 Feb 2017 15:17 #88671 by DavidJ
Thanks - the documentation says

The Spindle group
The buttons on the first row select the direction for the spindle to rotate: Counterclockwise, Stopped, Clockwise. Counterclockwise will only show up if the pin motion.spindle-reverse is in the HAL file (it can be net trick-axis motion.spindle-reverse ).

So either the auto-config doesn't do what the documentation says - or I have something in my HAL files that I'm not seeing. Main HAL file was created by Stepconf wizard and I can't fund any mention of the reverse pin in it (manually or using Find).
27 Feb 2017 22:07 - 27 Feb 2017 22:14 #88712 by BigJohnT
Open a terminal in that directory (right click usually on a blank space in the directory) and do the following:
grep -irl 'motion.spindle-reverse' *

The manual must be wrong, motion.spindle-speed-out will make both CCW and CW and + - buttons, after a little testing any motion.spindle pin will make the buttons appear.

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28 Feb 2017 08:36 #88721 by DavidJ
Thanks - so the good news is that I didn't mess up the configuration. I'll double check that the unwanted button doesn't actually do anything when I get the PC connected to the mill.
04 Mar 2017 19:00 #88997 by DavidJ
Looks like this used to work 'as advertised' - the PC is replacing an underpowered one which could only cope with EMC 2.3 - just checked today before swapping PCs, that old one only showed the spindle CW button. I'll have to put a post-it on the screen to hide the CCW button....
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