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05 May 2017 11:12 #92692 by grump
grump created the topic: Setting tabs
Hi guys I could use a little help.
You know the feeling when you can't see for looking?
I had a problem last week which led to a rebuild with no backup, I still can't get to my backup so have to redo everything.
Problem is, I am old and stupid and it took forever to get things how I wanted them last time.
I have the axis working lovely with the probe tab fine but when I try to use the Ncam tab I get a blank panel.
I know I am not pointing the directions in the ini file to the right place but can't think where it should go.
05 May 2017 15:10 #92708 by grump
grump replied the topic: Setting tabs
Seems it was updated a couple of days ago but the readme and yotube hasn't been updated to match.
I would rather not use it than try with with poor install instructions.
06 May 2017 05:31 #92728 by grijalvap
grijalvap replied the topic: Setting tabs
i will recommend you use clonzilla and make a back up of your full disk as soon as you have the machine working back.

if you prefer you can use

in the other hand, I couldn't set up the new nCAM release, as you say it is no much info but i think, the required info will be available soon.
06 May 2017 11:07 #92740 by grump
grump replied the topic: Setting tabs
Thanks for the reply but backing up is not a problem, get familiar with the dd command and you won't need clonezilla or any special software to do it.
Installing a two day old program with 7 year old instructions is a problem for me.
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