wrap text in label

30 Apr 2013 01:41 - 30 Apr 2013 01:41 #33400 by beltramidave
Is it possible to wrap text in a label? If so, what is the formatt?
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30 Apr 2013 01:48 #33401 by BigJohnT
I'm pretty sure pyvcp can not wrap text. I know GladeVCP can.

30 Apr 2013 02:05 #33402 by beltramidave
I am pretty sure that I did it on button text, but I don't recall how.Thanks
30 Apr 2013 02:25 #33403 by beltramidave
Figured it out...just use <wraplength>" "</wraplength>
30 Apr 2013 02:38 #33404 by BigJohnT
Can you show me the full syntax of the label you make with wraplength?

30 Apr 2013 04:01 #33407 by beltramidave
<text>"To program: Move to desired position, push Program, then push Custom 'x' button, then push Program to run"</text>

This worked on button text as well.

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30 Apr 2013 23:10 #33456 by bigalex
Hi Dave.
What you discovered is amazing !
Is it really working with the existing pyVCP widgets (label,button as you told) or do you have a modified version ?

bigalex :blink:
30 Apr 2013 23:22 #33458 by beltramidave
It is working with labels and buttons. Attached is a screenshot of using it for a label. Glad that I could finally contribute something instead of always wanting.
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30 Apr 2013 23:36 #33461 by bigalex
Thanks a lot Dave.

bigalex :blink:
08 Nov 2015 04:55 - 08 Nov 2015 05:21 #64963 by Askjerry
We need to get this information into the PYVCP documentation. I was wondering how to do this and was lucky to find this post.
I did a search on MULTI LINE with no results.

I don't recall seeing the <wraplength> or the <justify> modifiers in there.
I found that not only can you have <bg>#000000</bg> to specify a background color... but also that <fg>#ffffff</fg> works to allow specification of a foreground color.

Now I am wondering if there are other modifiers??? (Time to go play I suppose.) ;)

I also cannot get <multilabel> to work... but i am going to start a new thread on it if I can't results as that is a different topic.

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