Where to drop Spindle.XML file?

25 Dec 2016 21:21 #84688 by Jake
Merry Christmas to everyone!

I managed to sneak to the shop while everyone is taking there post lunch nap.

Jon told me to make a spindle.xml file for a custom spindle speed indicator. I have the file made but where do I put it? I can not seem to find the documentation for this portion.

Is there a doc that I can read up more on this or where it is supposed to go?


26 Dec 2016 18:09 #84707 by jtc

To create a pyVCP panel to use with the AXIS interface that is attached to the right of AXIS you need to do the following basic things.

Create an .xml file that contains your panel description and put it in your config directory.
Add the PYVCP entry to the [DISPLAY] section of the ini file with your .xml file name.
Add the POSTGUI_HALFILE entry to the [HAL] section of the ini file with the name of your postgui hal file name.
Add the links to HAL pins for your panel in the postgui.hal file to "connect" your pyVCP panel to EMC.

found in :


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