How: Add more (Beckhoff) devices to EtherCAT HAL driver?

21 Nov 2016 23:02 - 22 Nov 2016 18:57 #83101 by jerryCNC
I am thinking to add support for more (Beckhoff) devices to EtherCAT HAL driver. For example:
* AX5000

I have studied template files based on:
* lcec_el7342.h/.c
* lcec_el7041_1000.h/.c
* lcec_em7004.h/.c

I found that:
* Most of HAL pins come from PDO objects as stated in (Beckhoff) device manual.
* But there are some mysterious HAL pins, such as:
--- hd->reset; hd->raw-count; hd->set_raw_count, etc.

Anybody got hints on these pins?
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27 Nov 2016 18:19 #83374 by tommylight
Have a read through this, hope it helps.
I have no experience with Beckhoff devices, but i am thinking of ordering some to play with.
30 Nov 2016 21:32 #83507 by jerryCNC
Thanks, but still got no clue:
* I am basically confused how the HAL pins are defined for servo drive? based on ESI files?
20 Feb 2017 00:22 #88313 by wrightsh
Have you made any progress with this? I need to figure out how to add a EL3064 and a EL2624, but I'm not sure where I can find some of the needed info. For instance in lcec_30x4.h there's a line:

#define LCEC_EL3162_PID 0x0C5A3052

where is the "0x0C5A3052" from?

20 Feb 2017 15:38 #88353 by jerryCNC
"0x0C5A3052" comes from the EtherCAT Slave Information file (ESI, *.xml), which you can download from Beckhoff website.
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26 Feb 2017 01:43 #88625 by wrightsh
Thanks! Somehow I managed to miss that xml file when going through Beckhoffs site, I figured the definitions for a slice would be under the slices page, not the EK1100. Anyways I got a EL3062, EL3064 and EL2624 added without too much trouble.
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