linuxcnc ethercat lcec issue

11 Mar 2017 05:42 #89404 by superbird688
superbird688 created the topic: linuxcnc ethercat lcec issue
Hi experts!

I am just touching this clever cnc software but in the stage of initialization with ethercat
Here is my simple hal test run:

loadusr -W lcec_conf ethercat_config_n.xml
loadrt lcec
loadrt trivkins
loadrt motmod base_period_nsec=0 servo_period_nsec=1000000 num_joints=1

addf servo-thread
addf lcec.write-all servo-thread


And as I run linuxcnc selecting one I generated, it shows the following message

could not insert module /usr/realtime-3.4-9-rtai-686-pae/modules/linuxcnc/lcec.ko: Invalid parameters

I use intel pro1000 , under linuxcnc 2.7.8 , I as well tried 8139too but still having this trouble

By the way my servo ASDA-A2 Delta Electronics

Please help.....Thanks in advance!
13 Mar 2017 12:58 #89511 by andypugh
andypugh replied the topic: linuxcnc ethercat lcec issue
Is there any more information in dmesg?

Looking at the source most of the faults print an explanatory message prior to giving up.

You could try an even simpler test file (don't load trivkins, and use "loadrt threads" instead of motomod, and then addf ... thread1 ) However that probably won't help.

What Linux kernel are you using (uname -a)
13 Mar 2017 14:59 #89526 by db1981
db1981 replied the topic: linuxcnc ethercat lcec issue
first check if your ethercat master ist working.

simply type in terminal : ethercat slaves

if your slaves are shown there, the problem is in LCNC or your config xml.
14 Mar 2017 14:15 #89587 by Wirewrap
Wirewrap replied the topic: linuxcnc ethercat lcec issue
Is base_period=0 an accepted value? If you want no base period, just leave it out.
15 Mar 2017 15:04 - 15 Mar 2017 15:10 #89670 by superbird688
superbird688 replied the topic: linuxcnc ethercat lcec issue
Thanks for all your help.

I went back to my problem and it was something wrong with my ethercat-config xml file.

I modified 5 servo slaves with type="DeAsda" since mine are Delta electronics motors, and luckily it has
deasda.h and c in the src already.

But if the motors are something else than asda, I might have trouble since i can't be sure if my generic type of xml
is good to go....
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