trying to talk to Huanyang VFD using runhal

18 Mar 2017 21:28 #89868 by jcloase
I could not get hy_vfd working. I decided to use halrun to talk to the vfd. I entered this and got the error shown. Does anyone have further insite concerning the error. I have tried everything I can think of cable, different 485 devices, checked vfd settings at least 10 times. I'm beginning to think the vfd communication port has failed. The vfd works fine otherwise.

halcmd: loadusr -Wn spindle-vfd hy_vfd -n spindle-vfd -t 1 -d /dev/ttyS0 -p none -r 9600 -s 1
halcmd: show pin
Component Pins:
Owner Type Dir Value Name
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.ACV
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.CNST
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-bracking
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-command-rf
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-jog
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-jogging
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-run
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-running
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-running-rf
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.CNST-track-start
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.CNTR
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.Cont
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.DCV
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.OutA
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.OutF
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.Rott
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.SetF
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.Tmp
5 bit IN FALSE spindle-vfd.enable
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.freq-lower-limit
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.frequency-command
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.hycomm-ok
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.max-freq
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.rated-motor-current
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.rated-motor-rev
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.rated-motor-voltage
5 float IN 0 spindle-vfd.speed-command
5 bit OUT FALSE spindle-vfd.spindle-at-speed
5 float IN 0.02 spindle-vfd.spindle-at-speed-tolerance
5 bit IN FALSE spindle-vfd.spindle-forward
5 bit IN FALSE spindle-vfd.spindle-on
5 bit IN FALSE spindle-vfd.spindle-reverse
5 float OUT 0 spindle-vfd.spindle-speed-fb

halcmd: setp spindle-vfd.enable 1
halcmd: WAIT_DATA(): comms time out

ERROR Communication time out (-12)
error reading setup from VFD, retrying
WAIT_DATA(): comms time out
21 Mar 2017 12:21 #89994 by andypugh
Does it work other than the timeouts? I vaguely recall getting some sort of timeout error with mine, but apart from that everything seemed to work.

I will try to remember to check again tonight.
21 Mar 2017 14:27 #90006 by jcloase
Everything looks fine with the linuxcnc end.
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