Forum categories reorganized; new PathPilot forum

24 Nov 2015 19:51 #65753 by jepler
I have slightly reorganized the forum categories. Nothing has been removed, but you may need to look through the forum list twice to find some things.

The category for User Interfaces has been moved to be a top level category; the existing posts for AXIS, PyVCP and GladeVCP have been moved under it. A new PathPilot area has been added there; cncbasher has kindly offered to moderate the area.

The section for international users has been made a top-level category instead of being nested under General.

The section which now just contains information about gcode / part programs has been retitled accordingly (but the link retains an old name, so that nobody's old links are broken)

Please let us know if you spot any problems due to this reorganization.
25 Nov 2015 21:11 - 25 Nov 2015 21:11 #65799 by jepler
Posts made directly in the "User Interfaces" category were temporarily lost. Now they appear under the new category "Other User Interfaces".

Posts made directly in the "Interlational LinuxCNC Users" category were also lost. Now they appear under the new category "Other Languages".

Thanks to newbynobi who let me know that a very important thread about gmoccapy could no longer be found!
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