Is LinuxCNC right tool for load / unload?

14 Mar 2017 12:43 #89581 by joemc
Hi. I'm new here. I have been running CNC machines for close to 20 years.

I'm interested in creating my own one day, but I'd first like to create a load / unload machine for sheet metal laser I already have.

I figured using LinuxCNC to create my load/unload machine would give me experience I can use when I go to create my own CNC machine.

A load / unload machine cannot run purely off of g-code. It needs to respond to inputs. I have found a few examples of using python with LinuxCNC to do this, but they did not give a lot of details.

My question is, is this possible with LinuxCNC and would you recommend it? Could you recommend a better (easier ?) solution to controlling stepper motors for a project like this?
14 Mar 2017 17:27 #89615 by andypugh
You could definitely use linuxCNC. You could even use G-code, and the M66 "Wait on Input" commands to run the cycle based on button presses.

It might make more sense to use something like an Arduino, though.
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16 Mar 2017 16:58 #89755 by joemc
Thank you for reply.

Does LinuxCNC provide an environment where I can write a C program to send step, and dir signals?

or even better would be a system call to send a MDI command?

C would be great but other languages are fine.

something like below:

if (a==b)
else {...}
16 Mar 2017 18:12 #89761 by andypugh
Yes, you can send MDI commands from the Python interface:
The commands are easily added to the callback handler in a GladeVCP panel.

Alternatively you could write a HAL Component in C which created HAL pins that you could connect directly to a stepgen in HAL.

(Or, in fact, both, or even the middle-ground of a userspace Python HAL component: )

I think that I would be looking at the GladeVCP panel, but that does require the motion module to be loaded to allow G-code to run. The other approaches only require HAL.

There is a tutorial here on creating a custom GUI from scratch. You might want to start a little simpler, perhaps with a simple embedded tab.

Incidentally, there is a very similar discussion on the mailing list,
There are replies, but I can't figure out how to get a threaded view in that interface.
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