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16 Mar 2017 03:53 #89717 by islander261

This may have been covered extensively else where. I need a pendant for my plasma table. The main control station is just too far away for setting the part zero when setting up a sheet. With my present system (not LinuxCNC based) I put a sheet of material on the table and then use the torch mounted laser cross hairs as a guide to move the origin and rotation of the sheet to part/machine zero, I use a crude USB pendant to do this. I am working on a replacement machine controller using LinuxCNC and the GMOCCAPY GUI and need to incorporate a pendant. I don't want to reuse any of the old part parts because there is a good used market for them because the OEM abandon this system after selling it for 12 years.

OK, so these are what I think my options are:

Build my own pendant working from ArcEye's Arduino example using an USB link.

Use an of the shelf hard wired pendant (I have plenty of unused I/O points on my Mesa card) but don't look forward to coping with a 20+ conductor cable and connectors to get the distance I need.

Use a hard wired USB UHC XB04 (flea bay special) and a USB active extension cable (presently used).

Use a RF link UHC XB04 (flea bay special) as examples I have found here.

I am very hesitant about using a RF linked pendant because of the high EMI environment around a plasma cutter. My system is actually really good from an EMI stand point right now but I don't want to tempt fate.

So, what have you used that works? Any good reasons to avoid any of the above options? Will the hard wired USB UHC XB04 use the same setup and SW as the RF one most of the examples use?


16 Mar 2017 09:51 #89735 by rodw
I will and another option seeing you are using a Mesa 7i76e. How about using a 7i73 connected via an ethernet cable to the serial port on your 7i76e?


You've bought into the Mesa Ecosystem so in my view, it does not make sense to mix and match USB, Arduino or Cheap USB based controllers.

The 7i73 will let you set up an MPG using the LinuxCNC published MPG code.


I'm kinda in the same boat. I bought 2 of the MPG encoders and they work well on the 7i76e MPG inputs but I am beginning to think there are better options to allow them to be used remotely.. I am not sure I want to pay the international postage on the 7i73.
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