Changing the openGL colors in the Axis GUI

18 Jan 2012 19:48 #16900 by toplakd
Where can I make a donation?

19 Jan 2012 01:30 #16914 by KPA
Couple of quick questions.. is the middle separator bar dragable? Also it would be nice to have spindle speed on the display.

Great work!

19 Jan 2012 07:00 #16920 by loboy

Nothing as of now is draggable. On window expansion, the right hand column expands, and the preview and gcode readout expand, as with their toolbars.

The code is now modular enough, that moving panel blocks around in the layout is simple. I prefer to keep all machine controls left justified. However, shifting the machine controls to the right is easy. This is a personal preference, and has more to do with where your monitor is situated in relation to your machine and your workflow.

I could throw spindle speed on there as well. I don't currently have digital spindle speed control on my machine. One of these days...

The monitor I have is 1440 x 900, which is 16:9 widescreen. So the overall layout is a little less than 900 pixels wide. This layout won't work on a 4:3 monitor, or a monitor with any less of a resolution. Getting Ubuntu to rotate 90 degrees was a little difficult.

Also, this layout wouldn't be right for the use of a lathe, I would think. As I don't have a lathe, I am not quite sure what the work flow preference is.

The workflow of this layout is top to bottom, instead of left to right.
05 Mar 2012 20:13 - 17 May 2013 01:16 #18401 by loboy
Here is how I implemented the DRO. I also removed the tiny digital readout from the live plotter preview.

So I have been using this interface for about a month now, and everything has been smooth as silk. An interesting quirk I found that when using the MDI, when I arrow down in the MDI command input box, the history is actually still there. So I don't need the large box containing all the history of MDI commands. Just a quirk in my code that I found is pretty handy.

I think I am going to implement an XY grid in the live plotter preview. Has anyone done this?
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05 Mar 2012 21:19 #18406 by KPA
Are you thinking like the 'compass rose'? that shows the origin and axis arrows? or a full grid in all views?

Nice that you've been giving it a shakedown to test it out!

05 Mar 2012 23:05 #18408 by cncbasher
if you need it testing on a larger res screen let me know , mine is 1940 x 1200 and can be turned portrait mode without balancing the montor on my knee LOL
05 Mar 2012 23:55 #18411 by cmorley
plotter grid - yes someone did a mod for hot-wire foam cutter display. It had an optional grid IIRC.
I like the DRO off the plotter - I always thought it should be optionally removeable.
06 Mar 2012 01:27 #18416 by loboy
KPA - I want a regular grid over the XY plane, like in most CAD applications. I have written one in OpenGL before for another app, so I will probably just move some code over. I will do major grid lines every inch, and minor grid lines everything 1/16 inch, all the way out to the machine limits. I will most likely make it adjustable for different situations, and for both imperial and metric units. I like having a grid, so I have a bit more of a reference.

cncbasher - Once I neaten up the code more, and make it easy to move to another computer for testing, I will be sure to post here. Any thoughts on how to appropriately package the new Axis code is appreciated. I don't know if I should just fork the code, and call it something different...

cmorley - Thanks. Is that person on these forums? Or do know where I can find them or their work? Yes, removing that little DRO was a little cumbersome. Doing fonts in OpenGL is just not worth the work, especially how it constantly needs to redraw the tiny DRO.
06 Mar 2012 03:24 #18417 by cmorley

He probably can be found in the dev mail list.
you could search the archives. you should find patch files...
I don't remember his name.
06 Mar 2012 17:01 #18427 by loboy
cmorley - Could you point me in the direction of the archives you mentioned? I am not sure which archives you are suggesting. Where exactly do I find these patch files? Thanks.
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