Gscreen 4th axis DTG wrong

03 Dec 2015 15:12 #66283 by LAIR82
Finally got our 4th axis running on out machine and realized that the DTG column for the A axis is showing the actual position, not the distance to go.

Any thoughts?

03 Dec 2015 19:01 #66311 by cmorley
what version of linuxcnc and what version of gscreen please.

It could be code that needs adjusting or an update in the GLADE file.

Chris M
03 Dec 2015 19:33 #66313 by LAIR82
Not sure on what version of gscreen, but I am using 2.7.3.

How do I find the version of gscreen?

03 Dec 2015 19:45 #66315 by cmorley
I'm sure you are using the default screen then (I really should have named it differently)
The other two common ones are gaxis and industrial.

OK I will look into it as soon as I can - this weekend

Chris M
03 Dec 2015 19:47 #66316 by LAIR82
Oh, no it is the Industrial version,

I was looking for a version number, don't know why

No problem, it isn't really a big deal right now any way, we won't even be making any test cuts until monday or tuesday, and even then, we still won't be needing it,

04 Dec 2015 00:12 #66341 by cmorley
ok I see the error, it's in the glade file.
if you load the glade file for industrial and click on the HAL_DRO dto for the a axis,
reference type should be 2 not 1 (on the properties side bar on the right)

then resave. - an update of linuxcnc will over write this fix.
If you save the glade file in your config folder the change will be permanent.

That will fix it for now I will push the fix on the weekend.
Let me know of anything else that could be better or fixed.

Chris M
04 Dec 2015 13:03 #66376 by LAIR82
Hey chris,

I can't find in the glade file the "hal_dro dtg" for the a axis, I searched for "hal_dro" in the search box, and can't come up with anything.

I opened the file, from the terminal too.

04 Dec 2015 17:06 #66397 by cmorley
You must open the glade file with glade-gtk2 (version should be 3.8 something)
06 Dec 2015 00:57 #66488 by cmorley
I have pushed the fix to this in 2.6, 2.7 and master, in which case just update and all should be good.

I also remember that Industrial supplies an optional onscreen keyboard but it is not available in wheezy.
Gmoccapy fixed this by adding another option keyboard - I never got to it in gscreen.
Is this something useful to you?

Chris M
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