Need help with Gscreen Jog Velocity slider

18 Mar 2016 22:49 #71884 by Ivan_The_Red
Ive been trying to figure out how to add a slider in Gscreen to change the jog velocity for about 3 days and Im really confused. Im using the Glade editor and have added a Hal_Hscale slider but need help making it work. Ive read countless discussions and have exhausted everything I can find to make it work. Im trying to make the transition from Mach3 and I know very little about the Linux O.S.

Can someone please tell me step by step how I can accomplish this? please
19 Mar 2016 19:18 #71906 by cmorley
Which style of Gscreen? there is Gscreen. Industrial,gscreen_gaxis etc.?
Also Are you using Debian or Ubuntu?
And what version of linuxcnc are you using?

can you try sim/gscreen/gscreen_custom/gscreen_gaxis sample config and see if the slider works on it?
There is a bug in Debian Wheezy it seems, that makes the pre-build slider not work.
You can work around it- with a little work.

The general process is to modify the glade file using the proper version of the glade editor (it's the right one if you see the HAL widgets) and then save it in your config file - with the original name.

If the modification requires more then what the pre-built widgets do, then you need to add a handler file too.

If you answer my questions I can help you.
Chris M
19 Mar 2016 20:42 #71909 by newbynobi
Hallo Chris,

What bug do you refer to?
All slider in gmoccapy do work in Ubuntu 10.04, denian wheesy and debian jessie!

Do i have to check someting more in detail?


P.S. do you know my new sliders for touch screen? The the branch on git for detail.
19 Mar 2016 23:13 #71918 by cmorley
Unless you used the override widget (I'm pretty sure you didn't) it won't affect you.
The override widget works perfectly fine in Ubuntu 10.04 but refuses to work in Wheezy - not sure about any other distributions.

Chris M
19 Mar 2016 23:14 #71919 by Ivan_The_Red
Thanks Chris, im using debian , just gscreen and linux 2.7.0.

The slider physically works when i slide it from left to right but i dont know how the handler file is supposed to contain.

About your suggestion, do you suggest i open gscreen.gaxis glade file and add a slider to that and try it or copy the gscreen.gaxis.ini file into my gscreen folder and use that for my .ini file?
19 Mar 2016 23:43 #71921 by cmorley
gscreen_gaxis already has a slider - I just want to know if it works so I can choose the right way to help you.
Just try it as a separate sample please.

Also can you zip up the modified glade file and post it to me.

Chris M
20 Mar 2016 04:12 #71927 by Ivan_The_Red
Hey Chris,
Ive been trying to run gaxis and im getting a gremlin error ? "Missing handler for changed line"....brain fried.....gotta crash...
20 Mar 2016 05:03 #71929 by cmorley
ok no problem. when you can, send me your modified glade file and I will figure it out.

Chris M
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