Restart Lcnc to read tool table?

08 Nov 2016 05:07 #82579 by billnixon
If we change the tool table with Lcnc running, the x coordinate updates with the new tool offset, but the z coordinate does not until we restart Lcnc. Is this correct behavior or are we missing something?
09 Nov 2016 16:34 #82613 by andypugh
The Axis UI has a "reload tool table" button.
Also, you might need to issue a G43 to activate the new offsets.

There is no fixed link between the tool table and the tools. And as you are allowed to apply any offset from the table to any tool, so there isn't any way that there could be.
10 Nov 2016 03:42 #82634 by billnixon
Thanks. That helped a lot.
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