Alle Achsen auf einmal referenzieren

15 Sep 2016 05:27 #80463 by Tchefter
Hallo Zusammen,
gibt es die Möglichkeit wenn mann LinuxCNC gestartet hat alle Achsen auf einmal zu referenzieren?
Z.B. über einen Custom Button.
Also nicht erst auf X dann Referenzfahrt, Y dann... usw..
Ich meine gelesen zu haben das es geht aber wohl nur mit Referenzschalter.
Da habe ich keine montiert.

Gruß Fritz
Hello everybody,
there is a possibility if you have LinuxCNC started to reference all axes at once?
For example, a Custom Button.
So not only on X then homing, Y then ... etc ..
I mean to have read the but it's probably only with reference switch.
Since I have no mounted.

Greetings Fritz
15 Sep 2016 05:44 #80464 by Todd Zuercher
Yes there is, but it is only available if your machine is configured with home (reference) switches. Limit switches can also be used as home (reference) switches.
15 Sep 2016 08:16 #80465 by Tchefter
Hi Todd,
I have tried with "all reference switch" and Reference switch separate X Y Z.
ie at Pin 11 or sepearte at Pin 11,12,13
I inverted because they are not mounted.
Both work not if i press CRTL + Home (Strg + Pos1)
Only one Axis moves, i think it should zero not move, or?

Greetings Fritz
15 Sep 2016 12:36 #80469 by Todd Zuercher
To start with have you read through the sections of the manual pertaining to configuring homing?

The ini setting HOME_SEQUENCE in each [Axis_N] section of the ini file determines the order each axis is homed, or if any of them should home at the same time (if any of the axis share the same number here).
If an axis moves or the direction it moves is set by HOME_SEARCH_VEL. Setting this = 0 will cause that axis not to move, and just set its current position as the home.

If you still are not getting the results you desire, post a copy of your ini file here, and a description of what you would like it to do.
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15 Sep 2016 13:31 #80471 by Tchefter
OK Todd, i got it, it works - but have a lot to read why :)
Thank you so far,

Greetings Fritz
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