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14 Oct 2016 09:46 #81637 by Paxi
what is the difference between mesa 5i20 and 5i23?
in germany is the 5i23 a bit cheaper
is the 5i23 just newer and faster?
can i use the 5i23 with 7i52s and 7i37-com?
14 Oct 2016 15:16 #81645 by PCW
The 7I52S (6 axis step/dir + 6 encoder) can work with any of Mesas 50 pin FPGA cards:
5I20, 5I23, 5I24, 6I24, 7I43, 7I61, 7I80HD, 7I90, 7I93, 3X20+7I68

The 7I85S (4 axis step/dir + 4 encoder) can work with any of Mesas DB25 FPGA cards:
5I25, 6I25, 7I80DB, 7I92
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