Toggle Flood with One Button

15 Jun 2011 19:37 #10540 by BigJohnT
not should be just as fast as any other component, are you sure you have it coded correctly?

15 Jun 2011 21:14 #10544 by piasdom
i've tried it a number of time and each time the same thing.
but i don't think i understand what it is doing.
15 Jun 2011 21:24 #10547 by BigJohnT
post your code

16 Jun 2011 11:58 #10573 by piasdom
i don't have anything with "not" in it as i stayed
away from it for that reason. when i mean "slowed emc",
i mean it takes about 10 sec for emc to start whereas usually
emc starts before the "emc start image" goes off.
but thanks
16 Jun 2011 15:15 #10580 by BigJohnT
I have one slow computer and I can't see any difference in loading time with and without not being used, something else must have caused the slow loading time.

16 Jun 2011 15:28 #10581 by piasdom
could it be just bad formatting of not ?
but if bad format, wouldn't i get an error msg ?
and i remember that the button worked, not as it
should be worked /w error msg.
position in file ?
16 Jun 2011 15:32 #10582 by BigJohnT
More likely one of the racetrack conditions you had going while learning hal.

08 Aug 2011 18:05 #12304 by piasdom
BigJohnT wrote:

Not sure that I would use for your power on/off as it is true even if the e-stop is active which means you can't turn the power on in that state. I would use with a not to invert the state of the pin as part of my and2.


i ended up with

#power on/off
net power-btn and2.11.in0 <= pyvcp.on-off
net power-ok and2.11.in1 not.3.out
net power-not <=
net power-request <= and2.11.out
net power-toggle <= toggle.4.out
net power-is-on <=
net power-on halui.machine.on <= toggle2nist.1.on
net power-off <=

works but it turns it on is normal
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