HalView - view HAL pin values externally in C++

19 Aug 2014 00:01 #50011 by mariusl
Do I expect to see a redisclient.ko?
19 Aug 2014 00:15 - 19 Aug 2014 00:20 #50012 by mariusl
Ok I see it just compiles a standard binary. Hal does not see the file even though I copied it to the rtlib directory. Any other trick I am missing?

Database is running and halview is working as per test program. Just not from HAL.
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19 Aug 2014 00:28 #50013 by ArcEye

Hal does not see the file even though I copied it to the rtlib directory.

It is a userspace component, not a realtime one

Needs to be copied to /usr/bin or the /bin folder in the RIP if that is what you are using

Looks like you are almost there :laugh:
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19 Aug 2014 00:32 #50014 by mariusl
Man after all this time I have to learn that usercomps go to the bin directory. I dont think I ever did a user comp, only rt comps

Thanks for the great help, I do appreciate it.
22 Aug 2014 21:28 #50185 by mariusl
Hi Mick
I installed the halview utility on two machines now. both running on linuxcnc 2.6.latest.
The redisclient refused to compile so I used the supplied file. On both systems I get all thing loading but it seems like nothing is talking to one another. Here are some screen shots of the terminal running the server as well as the lcnc halshow etc.

22 Aug 2014 22:04 #50187 by ArcEye

I would suspect it is a problem with redis, probably changed something between versions.
I didn't have to start it in a terminal, after the make and make install, it started a daemon at boot.
I probably scripted it, can't remember, was a long time ago.

Unfortunately I don't have anything installed that is still running on Ubuntu 10.04 to test with.

I have been into my NAS that has the last remaining backup of 10.04 in it
redis was version 2.4.6, your version 2.8.13 has hugely changed even just going by the release notes and may not be compatable.

If you want to install Debian Wheezy, I could probably make a binary deb given time, but I suspect you have enough complications :laugh:

Best I can offer at present is to zip up the redis 2.4.6 sources and put them somewhere for you to download and try those

22 Aug 2014 22:11 #50189 by mariusl
I will try the older files for now as I am not ready to go the Wheezy just yet. I have a machine in the office that I must put Wheezy on but until then, the stuff in the shop has to be 10.04 :(

PM me so I can send you a link to my dropbox.
23 Aug 2014 22:13 #50208 by ArcEye

I have now re-written the program to port it for Qt5 and have it running on Debian Wheezy
I used the redis-2.4.6 sources, so I suspect the later sources must have been the problem you had.

I will make a binary deb package at some point, that installs the lot, redis-server, hiredis libs, redisclient component, pulls in Qt5 libs and provides a sample config folder to test it on.

Will have to repeat the process on a binary.hybrid.iso install to get that right, I am using a 64 bit rt-prempt kernel and MachineKit at present :laugh:

23 Aug 2014 23:19 #50210 by mariusl
Wow that sounds promising. It is a very handy tool if one is having problems writing more complex real time components.
If you need the hardware to work to test your code, things sometimes gets really messed up.

I am looking forward to seeing what you generate.
I did nothing to the problem today. I was to knackered from long hours this week on to many problems all at once.

I will install the old code on the shop machine tomorrow and see what happens.

Thanks a lot for you great effort on this tool.
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