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28 Apr 2013 22:31 #33339 by btvpimill
What a shame - DARN SPAMMERS!!!

At any rate your tutorials are GREAT. Anybody wanting to get started with GladeVCP should start there

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28 Jul 2014 20:30 #49216 by _eric_

Thank you for the excellent tutorials.
09 Jul 2016 10:55 #77213 by PKM
Hi BigJohnT,
Thanks a lot for your tutorials!
I'm going through Custom GUI Tutorial at the moment.
I could not insert a VCP action to toolbar. I guess gladevcp has changed since 2012. I eventually managed to do that, but updating this topic would be great.
10 Jul 2016 19:22 #77262 by PKM
Hi BigJohnT,

So I downloaded the latest gui6 and
It loads, the machine turns on, a program loads, but all buttons on the Run panel remain inactive.
What am I doing wrong?
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