is glade still working in linuxcnc 2.7

29 Jul 2016 02:28 #78122 by btvpimill
Hi folks. I have been away for a bit. I am back doing some upgrading and ran into issues. I installed a fresh copy of 2.7 and wheezy using the iso. I then copied all my config files to the new machine and tried to start linuxcnc.

To my surprize the computer locked up. It seems to hang during the postgui hal load. Of course I can post stuff for debugging help, but thought since there have been no posts since 2014, I should first check if this still works.

If it is not still viable, has something taken its place for custom GUI panels in axis?
29 Jul 2016 03:42 #78123 by Todd Zuercher
It works for me.

What version of Linuxcnc did your configs last work in?
29 Jul 2016 08:47 - 29 Jul 2016 09:02 #78130 by btvpimill
hi Todd, i have been using 2.5.

What an idiot I am. Now I see there are many recent posts. Somehow I had page 3 of this category looked like the first page. Just ignore my comment about no posts since 2014.

I will take a closer look today.

Thanks :)
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29 Jul 2016 11:33 #78132 by btvpimill
Everything is now working just fine now.

I didn't have my drive card plugged in so actually the EPP port was hanging things up I suppose. Funny I would have sworn it used to open even if no card was available.

Oh well sorry for the momentary lapse of reason with this entire topic.

Thanks again Todd for jumping in and getting me to search deeper into my problem.
29 Jul 2016 12:30 #78133 by Todd Zuercher
Glad you got it going. I was going to suggest reading the manuals about upgrading from 2.5-2.6-2.7, because there were some hal changes between 2.5-2.7 that may have prevented Linuxcnc from starting unless minor changes were made.
29 Jul 2016 12:57 #78135 by btvpimill
Oh I prolly need to read them anyhow. Just because it loads does not mean it is actually working.
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