IO pin configuration of Beaglebone Black

07 May 2014 18:05 #46682 by speedy061

I like to configure the HAL of LinuxCNC to run with my IO cape for the BeagleBone black.

Unfortunately my cape is not pin compatible to any of the capes in the machinekit image of Charles Steink├╝hler.
I thought I could use an existing HAL driver an only modify the IO Pins, but this is not as easy as I thought it would be.

My problem is, that I do not understand the entries in the HAL configuration file.

For example the following lines:

# P8.12 GPIO1_12
setp [PRUCONF](DRIVER).stepgen.00.steppin 0x4C

Obviously the command line connects the steppin of the axis to the port P8.12 of the beaglebone.
What I do not understand is, where the 0x4C is comming from. It does not correspond to any of the information I have about the beaglebone.

What to I have to do, if I like to change the port to another GPIO and which number I have to enter instead of 0x4C?

Any information is appreciated.

07 May 2014 21:01 #46689 by erenbasturk

I think you might find out answer of your question the following group.!forum/machinekit
07 May 2014 23:11 #46693 by xylotex

If you look at this spreadsheet:

you will see a heading labeled:

hal_pru_generic GPIO pin number

the number in that column is the number (in decimal) you are referring to. For example:

P8.12 has a 76 (decimal) which is hexadecimal 0x4C

08 May 2014 14:50 #46708 by speedy061

thank you erenbasturk for the information of the google group. I already registered.

And thank you Jeff, this is exactly the information I was looking for!

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