LinuxCNC on BeagleBone Black with remote GUI on PC

18 May 2015 23:43 #58828 by Nahartyz
Hello everybody,

I am a new user of LinuxCNC and I am trying to build a CNC milling machine, using a BeagleBone Black as the brain of the machine.
So far I used the very good Machinekit distribution and I was able to run the machine using a custom made interface, inspired on the CRAMPS cape.
I am running the BBB without a screen and I connect to it using X11 forward through SSH.

Now I am stuck on the problem that the Axis GUI crashes if I try to load a file that is too big.
If I load the file with some simpler GUI, like tkemc or mini, it runs just fine, so I think it is a problem of overloading the RAM of the thing.
I then tried to run LinuxCNC on the BBB with a remote GUI on a more powerful PC, using the following guides:
On the client side I used the official LinuxCNC distribution, since it is not a BBB.

At this point I am facing two problems:
1. Running on the server with tkemc or mini gives this error:
Error in startup script: no emc connection
    while executing
"emc_init -ini /tmp/tmp.OJ1jkq9EZH"
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval emc_init $argv"
    (file "/usr/lib/tcltk/linuxcnc/mini.tcl" line 32)
running with Axis I get:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/axis", line 3046, in <module>
linuxcnc.error: emcStatusBuffer invalid err=3

2. On the client side I cannot run LinuxCNC at all since it cannot find the cape managers of the BBB.
The client PC is not a BBB so it cannot have that, so I am unsure what to do.
Is there a way to tell LinuxCNC that it is just a remote GUI and not the actual machine?
27 May 2015 16:53 - 27 May 2015 16:53 #59104 by andypugh

Nahartyz wrote: On the client side I used the official LinuxCNC distribution, since it is not a BBB.

I am not particularly familiar with Machinekit, but I think this is the problem.
To run the BBB with a remote GUI you will need to use MachineTalk which means that both computers need to be running Machinekit.
Machinekit is now very different from LinuxCNC, and the support for Machinekit that can be offered on the LinuxCNC forum is very limited.

Running realtime on the BBB and the GUI on a PC is very normal behaviour with Machinkit, but you would have to ask the Machinekit guys for how to do it.
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06 Apr 2016 04:37 #72822 by adiab
This is kind of an old thread but for anyone still looking for a solution I have successfully ran Axis remotely by installing and running x11vnc on the BBB and using a vnc client on the remote machine. I am running machinekit on a BBB with a CRAMPS board on a custom delta 3d printer. It works like a champ.
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