Axis loads prior G-Code file, not updated file....

15 Apr 2016 18:35 #73357 by RandyKopf

I'm using AXIS via Machinekit with a Pocket NC on BeagleBoneBlack on Windows 10 using Putty X11 through XMing.

I've noticed when I load a new file into AXIS everything is fine. If I later update that file and reload it the data from the old file is what loads. It is like AXIS caches the file and uses that version instead.

If I give the updated file a new name and load it in AXIS everything is fine and it contains the new data. Or if I put the updated file it into a new folder with the old name that works too.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Any reply is appreciated


Randy Kopf
17 Apr 2016 14:27 #73478 by andypugh
Your config sounds very Machinekit. You might need to ask there.
17 Apr 2016 15:44 #73487 by RandyKopf
Actually a friend suggested I use WinSCP with SFTP protocol. And that fixed the problem.
It appears Windows Explorer does not update the file change record properly But WinSCP or the SFTP protocol does.
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