gmoccapy 2.1.0 has been released

03 Aug 2016 18:43 - 03 Aug 2016 18:47 #78335 by newbynobi

I released gmoccapy 2.1.0 :cheer: :)

What is new?
  • gmoccapy does support the new master branch, supporting Joint Axis mode
  • It does support 5 axis
  • it supports 8 joints
  • The program name moved to the preview, leaving more space in the info tab
  • New touchscreen controls, replacing the previous used sliders
  • Unfortunately renaming of hal pin to group them, so be aware that you will have to change hal files

You may take a look on YouTube

Norbert waiting for your comments
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03 Aug 2016 20:25 #78338 by tommylight
From a glimpse .......much better !!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I use mostly FHD monitors, so using Gmoccapy was not on the list, but i do like it very much on low resolution screens.
I never had the time to fiddle with it to make things i need bigger, as i use a lot of plasma cutters, and that was for me unusable.
Will give it a try for sure ( i always do ), and report back.
Danke schon, Norbert
04 Aug 2016 05:47 - 04 Aug 2016 05:49 #78344 by newbynobi
Thanks Tom,

gmoccapy runs fine on Full HD, (1920 x 1080), at least here :)
I unfortunately do not have a TouchScreen with that resolution, my touch has SXGA (1280 x 1024) and I made all controls to be used with the finger on that resolution. Most users seem to use still a mouse :( What Gui do you use at the moment?

Do you know gmoccapy_plasma? A screen supported from Marius special made for plasma cutter. It is original gmoccapy with Emmbeded Tabs on nearly all posible places!

If you make a draft of the screen you need, I could look if it possible to realize. Just changing the size of the controls is easy and can be done in very short time. It is just editing the glade file and replace the existing one.

So waiting for your screen design sketch ;)

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04 Aug 2016 09:52 #78347 by tommylight
Thank you very much, Norbert,
I do know of a plasma gmoccapy and i was referring to it for having way to small buttons and stuff under the main screen when used with a FHD screen.
I can use anything for my needs, and i use AXIS mostly as it is very elegant and without clutter, and it is easy to get used to from the customers point of view, but gmoccapy looks more industrial so i would like to use it with touch screens.
Thank you for offering to modify it to my needs, i really appreciate it, but i realy like the way it looks and feels with the new sliders, so we are all good.
With utmost respect,
04 Aug 2016 23:29 #78371 by tommylight
Well, this is how it looks on 2 of my laptops and 2 monitors attached to plasma and a micro mill.

09 Aug 2016 09:05 #78514 by Rubenv

Maybe a stupid question, but how do I get it?

09 Aug 2016 20:14 #78540 by newbynobi
Hallo Ruben,

A question is neve rstupid, only persons not willing to answer :laugh:

It is included in master, so get it through git or buildbot.
If you need help, we are here!

28 Aug 2016 17:24 #79604 by Rubenv
Thanks Norbert!

Do you know when it will be released with the normal build cycle?

28 Aug 2016 20:08 #79611 by newbynobi
No, sorry.

30 Aug 2016 17:40 - 30 Aug 2016 17:41 #79731 by tarasko
Hi. First of all thanks for a new release of this cute interface.

I want to report a few bugs.

1. Spindle speed is reporting 0 when I'm running a g-code program with command 's12000 m3'
2. Transition from AUTO -> MDI doesn't work when I'm pressing F3 key after program finish.

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