Reload Tool on start up, new feature in gmoccapy

01 Jan 2017 14:28 #85012 by newbynobi
Hallo dear users ;-)

do you know the following annoying situation?

You start your machine, home all axis and want to start a quick job, but before you need to go to the tool tab or to MDI and reload the tool, that is currently mounted in your spindle.

That is not any more necessary!!

Release 2.2.0 offers a switch on the settings page to reload a tool on start up!
It is checked by default, as I do think that this is the way it has to be :)

It works the following way:
when gmoccapy receives the signal that all axis are homed, the tool will be reloaded with the command:
M61 Q <saved tool number> G43
Please see, that also length compensation will be loaded!

Hope you like that new feature, otherwise just go to the settings page and disable it.

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08 Jan 2017 17:32 - 08 Jan 2017 18:49 #85480 by timmert
good work :)
I just started working with LinuxCNC and Gmoccapy and came across the 'problem' that I had to do a G43 each time I startup the machine

Any advise on how to update gmoccapy?
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11 Jan 2017 17:26 #85617 by newbynobi

if you use buildbot, just use synaptic ore apt
if you build from source, just pull and recompile.

12 Jan 2017 16:31 #85657 by timmert
Thanks for the info.
I upgraded with synaptic and got the latest version.
But isn't it possible to use the new Gmoccapy update with version 2..7 stable release? I don't want to use the master.
12 Jan 2017 19:17 #85661 by Todd Zuercher
12 Jan 2017 19:18 - 12 Jan 2017 19:18 #85662 by timmert
ok, I'm going to cry in a corner

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12 Jan 2017 19:32 #85663 by Todd Zuercher
The problem is because of the merger of the Joints/Axis branch into Master, there was a significant restructuring of how the machine and user interface is configured. Making porting from that version to an earlier one impractical. It would be easier to to add/change what ever feature you like in the old version than to try to use the new one.
12 Jan 2017 21:34 #85674 by newbynobi
It would be possible to add that Feature also to 2.7 release, but new stuff should go only to the development release, meaning master and the stable release will only get bug fixes.

I do like that way it is handled in linuxcnc comunity, as otherwise the stable release could easily become unstable due to new features.

12 Jan 2017 22:05 #85676 by timmert
makes sense :)
I will upgrade to the master release soon.

Keep up the good work, I really like gmoccapy
23 Jan 2017 18:37 #86500 by newbynobi
Tool stuff solved, and pushed.

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